Monday, May 27, 2013


So I just wanted to start off by thanking

 Cult Cosmetics for sending me these two nail art kits that they have for sale on their website. I will leave the links at the bottom of the post. I got the package in about 5 days! Thats so fast for me considering I always get my mail late. They sent me two nail art kits, 'Out of This World' and 'Techno Nights'.

Cult Cosmetics is a great company, they have super fast customer service, they responded the same day, and were super nice! They are a company who wants to make it easy for all of us girls. They want to make affordable put together kits thats makes it super easy for you to do some nail art kits.The kits on their website include everything you will need to complete the desired manicure  From polish to tools, to extras, its all there for you. They are also going to be expanding to makeup and beauty kits so make sure you keep an eye out for that in the upcoming future!