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So I just wanted to start off by thanking

 Cult Cosmetics for sending me these two nail art kits that they have for sale on their website. I will leave the links at the bottom of the post. I got the package in about 5 days! Thats so fast for me considering I always get my mail late. They sent me two nail art kits, 'Out of This World' and 'Techno Nights'.

Cult Cosmetics is a great company, they have super fast customer service, they responded the same day, and were super nice! They are a company who wants to make it easy for all of us girls. They want to make affordable put together kits thats makes it super easy for you to do some nail art kits.The kits on their website include everything you will need to complete the desired manicure  From polish to tools, to extras, its all there for you. They are also going to be expanding to makeup and beauty kits so make sure you keep an eye out for that in the upcoming future!

My favourite thing is that they are super affordable and carry name brands such as Essie, OPI, Orly, Seche Vite, Color Club, MOSH, and Nail Art Duo Pens! The shipping is very affordable to! If your order is over $40 you get FREE SHIPPING! and All other orders are $5 flat-rate.

Ok so on with it! I decided to try the designs that they had on the website so I decided to do a nail art wheel. I am also trying to grow out my nails and make them stronger so I thought it would be a better idea if I used a wheel. I will definitely be doing these on my nails when they are stronger!

The two Nail art kits they sent me were 'Techno Nights' and 'Out of This World'

They came in ziplock bags and the polish was wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure its securely transported. I love the idea because I want to store them as a kit instead of putting them with the rest of my polish, its nice and organized.

      Midnight Cami                                   Borrowed and Blue

    Jamaica Me Crazy                                     Silver Spark

This is what I came up with and I cannot wait to do this design on
my real nails when they get more healthy! Heres how I did this:

  1. First add 'Midnight Cami' to your nails as a base coat, and may I suggest you use a couple base coats as this WILL stain. One coat will work, but two makes for great coverage and no streaks.
  2. Next take 'Borrowed and Blue' and put a little dab on the sponge and sponge it onto your nail in random spots, do the same with 'Jamaica Me Crazy' and keep overlapping these colours until you get the desired effect.
  3. Finally just take 'Silver Spark' and give it a coat or two, to simply add some sparkling stars to your galaxy nails!

Again I tried to replicate the design that Cult Cosmetics had originally done,
and click on the photos for a larger view.

                                                Oh Cabana Boy              Licorice                     GlowStick

This is how it turned out! Next time instead of using the striping tape for the left nail then putting the gradient over top I will just use the black tape on top of the gradient. As you can see the tape peeled away a little bit of polish and made it look messy! :(

So all of that being said, The prices are so fantastic!
The price of the Out of This World kit costs, $19.99 and you get 3 full size Essie polishes and a Nubar and 2 cosmetic sponges! The retail of the Essie's alone cost $10-11 for one! So thats a fabulous deal. 

The price of the Techno Nights kit is $14.99!! You will get 2 Orly's and one Essie and a Striping tape and one cosmetic sponge!

Now here is the rest of the nail art I did just using these two kits. It goes to show how versatile these kits are and that you dont have to just use them for one design. 
You will definitely get your moneys worth.

Thats it!

I just want to thank you again Cult Cosmetics for such generosity in sending me these two nail art kits! 
You really cannot go wrong purchasing these kits! They come with everything you need to do the desired design and then like 1 million more! Its up to your imagination! The prices are unbeatable! Like I said you cant really go wrong. I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

What do you think of these pre made Nail art kits?!
Would you consider purchasing one of them and if so which one would you purchase?!
Check out their website and let me know which one you would get!

Cult Cosmetics Website

Go ahead and check out there facebook and let them know I sent you!

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