Friday, August 15, 2014


Today I will be reviewing a Japanese Candy Subscription box. 

I am a candy fanatic and will put sugar in my mouth at any chance I can. I love candy but especially when it comes to things I have never had before and things that you simply just cannot get here in Canada. Well now we can! Candy Japan offers Japanese candies to people worldwide! 
Did I mention free shipping?!

This subscription service delivers japanese candies to your door 
not once a month but twice! This months shipment was a box containing three items. Fizzy chewy candies, a crispy chocolate wafer snack and a "juicy" pressing kit.

Puccho Balls

Puccho is very popular in Japan. They usually come in squares with little gummies inside, and there of tons of different flavors depending on where in Japan you find them. These soda flavored Puccho Balls have a crunchy outer-shell with a chewy and sour center that makes your mouth fizzle! The package is also designed to slide, so you can keep your Puccho yummy and fresh.

This candy is perfect for on the go and I am definitely going to keep this in my bag so I can have a sweet treat wherever I get a sweet tooth.

Chocolate Shimi Corn

This wafer snack is soaked in chocolate and they really want you to know it! The package reads "shimikonda," (しみこんだ) which means "to soak." It's crispy, practically melts in your mouth and doesn't really taste like corn. Go figure. It's in the shape of a star, hence the smiley little mascot on the wrapper. The only thing I can compare the taste to is the Wafer cookies that have cream in the middle of each layer, you get them here in Canada, but these are much different. When you feel this, it feels very hard but when you take a bite of it, it just melts in your mouth and tastes so yummy.

Juu-C Kit

This is like a DIY Pez kit. It comes with pineapple and grape flavors, as well as soda flavor. It has a very creamy texture and it's very sweet! I love all of the flavours and they remind me of my childhood. It was fun to make them and fun to eat the interesting flavours. 

For $25.00 a month you could have two shipments of candy to your door with free delivery!  It simply cannot get any better.

Overall Thoughts

I loved this subscription box, and now that I have a job I might have to start subscribing when I have some cash flow! I definitely recommend this service.

Would you ever consider purchasing this subscription service?

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Photos courtesy of Candy Japan

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