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Chaussure Boite Accessory Subscription is a monthly subscription box that features accessories that include, but are not limited to, hang bags, jewelry, clutches, etc. Once a month subscribers will receive a selection of items. You can cancel anytime.

Whats in the box?

Subscribers will receive a box of handpicked accessories from great up and coming brands.

I was sent a box to review because I had seen some previous reviews on it such as.
" Great first box. The Nine West clutch and wing earrings are my favorites. The box contained five items; fancy wallet, cute leopard print insoles, footsies, and the my two favs mentioned earlier. I am very pleased with this box as the items received are ones I wouldn’t normally purchase on my own. Absolutely looking forward to the next months surprise. Will there be a belt or hair accessory or necklace or bracelet include…the possibilities are endless. - MJ "
This made me intrigued to what the box contains next month. This box costs $35 a month.

So this is what the box looks like, its not one of those sturdy boxes. Its light weight. This months box featured two small business owners.
This was the biggest item this month and it looked so cute wrapped in the animal print fabric and I was kind of exited!

This is a 'Clutch' made by the first featured business owner April McCain of A.Nicoles Divine Designs. This was handmade and she specializes in custom handbags, clutches, etc.

I didn't like this 'Clutch' for many reasons, I dont like the silver pattern on the denim to start. I dont like that is only has one cut corner. I mean why only one cut corner?

I also did not like the size of this 'Clutch'.  When I think of a clutch I think of something smaller to keep my cards and phone in right? This thing can hold like 6 of my regular size wallets and like a bunch of phones and makeup, its so huge. I didn't like how big the strap on the side was, well I didn't like the strap at all. I would have preferred a removable strap.

I did like the inside polka dot pattern but unfortunately I think it totally clashes with the outside pattern.. dont ya think?  She also has like a fold over type of clutch that I would be more interested, and different patterns.

The next business owner was Nikki Fiedler, an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

She sent us some samples of some Moisturizer in the orange packaging, some cleanser in the 2 green foil packs, a sample of 'thinking of you' fragrance by mary kay, and a sample of 2 lip glosses and and eyeshadow 'quad'. Personally if I was paying $35 monthly for accessories I wouldn't want cheapo makeup samples like this.

The other items included in this months box are an ear cuff and a gold-multi coloured bib necklace that are trending this summer.

Okay well I liked this at first glance but after looking at it more and more I realized I didn't.

It is that REALLY fake gold colour which is ok, but Im not one of those people who likes it. I like the idea od this necklace but even when I flipped it over to the backside I seen all those pieces of string like hot glue gunned to the back, which I should have gotten a picture of. 

Unfortunately I cannot wear the earring as I am allergic and can only wear pure gold but I thought they were cute.

Again I hate to say it but it feels very cheap, like something I would find at the dollar store for a buck.

Last but not least I have a cute little peacock ear cuff. At first I liked it and once again I cannot wear it because I am allergic but I would totally wear this if I could. It was the only this in this box that I actually liked and I cant wear it! :( I am hoping I can give it to someone and they will like it but it looks like it has a weird shape to it.

It also came packaged as you see here... on some foam. I held it up to my ear and it looks kind of funny but we will have to see when I find someone to wear it for me! :)

Overall thoughts on this box

I would not purchase this box for $35 a month! That is absolutely ridiculous! I had stumbled upon this photo of what they say may 2013 box was and I was exited to get this box. After seeing what you actually get, I feel like every box is going to get cheaper a cheaper quality products. 

What are your thoughts on this box? Am I being to hard on it?

Would you personally buy this subscription box for $35 a month?

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  1. The cuff earring looks intriguing but everything else looks kinda cheap like you said. I would, have been pissed if I paid $35 for that.
    :) Chelsey

    1. It is nice in person! but I cannot wear it! I might just find one night when im not going out for long and wear it then :) Thanks for your feedback chels!

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  2. Personally I love subscription boxes. Getting a cool package in the mail is exciting to open, especially for girly fun stuff that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. I'd totally use that clutch, I think it's super cute. The Mary Kay samples and necklace, not so much. An actual tube of cleanser or something would be better for a $35 box. Although it's higher priced than I would pay for this, maybe the last month was extra good? I don't know.

    1. I love sub boxes to, but Im sure I can find way more boxes for this price that offer better items. Ya know. If I paid for this I wouldn't have been very happy. thats all. But hey its just my opinion and some people may like everything. Thanks for your feedback!

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