Monday, March 21, 2016

I found a great deal on a new Reese's snack product, and it is very addicting. I was scrolling through the snack/food isle at Dollarama, and the bright orange packed popped out at me.

It's a mix of peanuts, pretzels, reese's pieces and mini reese's cups. The perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Picture from johnniesinc

So I google searched "Reese's Snack Mix 94g"
and the picture to the left is the only packing I could find of the product.

I couldn't find a single picture of the 94g package that I had bought.

I loved the teeny tiny salted pretzel bites and the pieces of roasted peanuts, it's made it explode with peanut butter flavor and the pretzels gave the mix a nice crunch.

I had actually grabbed the last two bags and I havent seen them anywhere since. If anyone has tried these, or have seen these, leave me a comment below.

Would you like to see these in stores? Would you try them?

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