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Japanese Candy Subscription

subscription box review

Looking for some cool Japanese Candies and snacks?
WOWBOX is one of the coolest Japanese candy subscription service produced by the one and only Japanese sweets & snacks media company mogmog. They are the only Japanese candy subscription service offering multiple themed boxes to choose from. 

Sounds exciting right? 
Each month you get to choose which themed box you’d like to receive for the month. They’ll also be adding new themes occasionally so be on the lookout for what’s next to come. 

** Purchased on my own**

They provide the boxes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Note that our small size is actually larger than the Medium size of most other candy boxes out there, so choose accordingly (think big!).

What’s inside the box?

For M size WOWBOX’s and above they will also include DIY candy kits. For our L size WOWBOX they will throw in various special items, such as figurines of your favorite anime characters, games, beauty/cosmetic products (for our Kawaii & Beauty box), special kinds of drinks, and anything else we find interesting that they want to share with you.

When do I receive my WOWBOX
It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive but sometimes it arrives earlier. The content of your WOWBOX will vary from theme to theme. However, one thing is for sure ... they strive to include the newest, the tastiest, and sometimes the weirdest sweets & snacks that Japan has to offer.

Why choose WOWBOX over similar services?

They are the only Japanese candy subscription service offering multiple themed boxes to choose from that I have come across so far. This is possible because they have a high understanding of Japanese sweets and snack culture and a strong connection to the industry.
They hand select the most up-to-date sweets and snacks and provide the highest volume for each box.

subscription box review, wowbox, mogmog

by Tasty Salt
These were some really really good potato chips!
They are thicker than most chips we have here in Canada and they are not too salty and have an amazing flavour.

I couldn't find this product anywhere online to compare. I would also purchase these online if they became available, but for now I can only find them on Wowbox website.

They are made by Tohato but I cannot seem to find any information on that either.

Ultraman Milky
by Fujiya

I also couldn't find much information on this product, but overall I loved this one. 

This candy was my second favorite in the box. It's a hard candy that tastes similar to yogurt. It tastes so smooth and silky for a hard candy.
Big Thunder & Crisp Thunder

Well let me start with the big thunder. This bar was AMAZING.
I have heard about this iconic bar before but when I tried it for the first time I knew why it was so popular.

Its very light and thin but the chocolate cookie inside is so moist and crunchy. The chocolate coating it is melt in your mouth quality chocolate. I would purchase these for sure!

Then there's the Crisp thunder..
This one surprised me for sure. It looks like a typical chocolate bar with nuts in it. Oh-no was I wrong. This Quasi-chocolate has some amazing things inside including peanuts, konpafu, corn flakes, rice puffs and almond praline. I loved everything about every bite I had of this mini bar.

Umaibo Mentaiko
by Yaokin

Umaibo is a very popular snack in Japan and has been around for many many years. It is a long- cylindrical puffed corn snack and comes in many many flavours. The name Umaibo literally means "delicious snack". 
Mentaiko means 'marinated roe of pollock and cod'.

I have had Umaibo before I believe in BBQ flavour and I loved it. I am super excited to try this one out. As I cant eat it all in one day!

Scorn japanese-style BBQ
by Koikeya

These were very yummy as well. These are also a corn puff style snack. These remind me of the crunchy cheetos that we have here in canada, but instead of cheese its like a bbq flavour. The BBq flavour tastes just like a Beef Mr.Noodle sauce mix (Ramen noodles) I thought this was a great snack and something we can't find here.

Baby Star Ramen Mini
by Tasty Salt

These were one of my favourites in the box, which i surprising because I am a sucker for sweet things over savory.

Have you ever taken a pack of ramen noodles and crushed them inside the package and eat them like a snack? I used to do this all the time when I was younger.

These are basically that.. they have a nice salted flavour to them and what I did was actually mix the Scorn corn puffs above and these together. Since I thought that that Scorn tasted like ramen I had to try mixing them together, and it was better than I imagined! I will definitely be finishing these two snacks together.

by Pine

These are pretty good hard candies.
They are lemon-lime and blue is Cider flavour. These were interesting as I didn't know what to expect from these. Instead of those hard candies with a fizzy pocket in the center, these have the fizz mixed all through the candy so its almost like sucking on a soda!

Pocky Midi Lemon
by Glico

Pocky Midi give you way more chocolate on shorter cookie sticks... this time in lemon flavour. The cookie sticks coupled with the extra thick chocolate makes it extra delectable. 

This box came with 12 deluxe sticks, each box has 3 separately sealed bags of 4 sticks each. I like this because they will stay fresh for longer, or you could share them.

I am usually not a fan of lemon but this one I did not mind, it wasn't tarte and it was extra chocolatey!

I also found that they have some very interested packaging that comes with this line. I loved it and think it is so cute. I will have to try and get my hands on that drink

Maken Gummy Cola

Of course, whats a Japanese snack box without something cola flavoured? I thought that the rock, paper, scissors shaped cola gummies were my favourite thing in this months Wowbox.

Cola gummies are one of my favourite things, and this is my all time fave! This gummy so so soft and sweet and was sooo good, even my boyfriend wanted a second bite! (he likes the savoury snacks over sweets)

I will definitely be purchasing some of these online for myself ;)

Muscat and Soda

mmm... this one I don't even know what to say about it, and I have no idea how to describe it.

Its like a very soft stick thats also chewy and silky in your mouth.. sounds nice right? WRONG
Have you ever smelt a Muscat perfume?
I don't know where they got the idea to mix Muskat and grape soda flavour but I don't agree that It tastes good. I really really did not like this one.

I looked around and they also have a soda and nutmeg flavour, which I would be willing to try. They have some very intriguing flavour but I am hesitant about them and probably would never purchase these on my own.

Big Katsu

This one I was very nervous for. The paper with the product descriptions on it says this 

"Enjoy the taste of Japanese tonkatsu (pork cutlet) in snack form, with this crunchy treat boasting in tonkatsu sauce flavour"

So we tried it..
Overall I can't complain about this product but I definitely would not go to purchase this on my own. It was very...interesting to say the least. I am still a little weary because of some of the ingredients used like Shredded fish surimi which literally is "ground meat" this refers to a paste made from fish or other meat. It is available in many shapes, forms and textures and often uses to mimic the texture and colour of the meat of lobster, crab and other shellfish.... 

Kurabete Neru Neru
by Kracie

I am not a very big fan of DIY snack products.
Why? Because they never come with english instructions, even though it was pretty straight forward.

I have never come across a DIY that actually tastes good, I don't know what kind of ingredients they use in products like this but I almost feel its not even safe to eat.

This product is good for kids who want to play with their food and have a little bit of fun, but I wouldn't give this to my children because I have no idea whats inside.
The only thing I liked about this product is it comes out looking like it does on the packaging.

If your kid(s) likes Magic they might like this :P

subscription box review, wowbox, mogmog

subscription box review, wowbox, mogmog, kracie
I through this right in the garbage

Finally, they have a feedback system ready so that we can hear your voice on each snack you ate which we’ll use to improve the selection for every box. Also each box comes with a sheet of paper, which provides nutrition facts and allergy information.


Every month they close orders at the end of the month and usually ship it out the first week next month. However, sometimes it could delay due to suppliers matter and national holidays.


What do you think of the goods that came in the March box?
Would you consider this subscription box for yourself or a friend?

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