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I have an amazing unboxing and review for your today brought to you by Healthy Surprise Subscription Service! Healthy Surprise is an awesome company in which you pay money each month and receive and awesome box full of healthy, natural, vegan, gluten free and soy free snacks. Personally I love getting a special box each month full of surprise snacks!

The 'Starter Box' is $33 + $6 for shipping and it is around 16-20 servings for about 1-2 people.
The next size up is called the 'Healthy Box' which is $66 a month but has Free Shipping!
The final and biggest size is the 'Large Box' which is $99 a month and also includes Free Shipping. It has around 48-60 servings and is for about 2-6 people.
International Shipping Info
I was sooo excited when this bad boy arrived in the mail! I have been waiting to try one of these for a really long time and I finally got one! It came in the mail super fast to!
This is what the box looked like right when I opened it. 
It was just packed to the rim full of goodies!
$8.95 + Shipping (Full Size)
You can see close up all the hot spicy chipotle flavour

Estimated Shipping Charges Canada

Service TypeDelivery TimeRate
Express Mail® International (EMS)
3 - 5 business days
Priority Mail® International
6 - 10 business days
Global Express Guaranteed®
1 - 3 business days
The Daily Crave Veggie Chips
Caveman Nuts
If you're looking for a healthy snack to take along somewhere, this is the one. This is high in energy and has a great variety of nuts! I'm used to salted nuts and these are very natural and not salted so I wasn't used to them at first but I warmed up to them after I stopped picking out the nuts individually! Haha.

What do you think about the price and the goods inside? Do you have a subcription or would you consider getting one. I really LOVE this box!

This subscription has three different sized boxes that you can chose from. 
I got the 'Starter Box' which is $33 a month + $6 (cheapest) shipping.
 It might sound a little pricey but if you think about all of the Full Size products you're getting and that they are healthy then its a pretty good deal!

This one has about 32-40 servings for 1-4 people.

Canada - Starter Boxes are an additional $9.99 USD - First Class Mail

Canada - Healthy Boxes are an additional $13.99 USD - First Class Mail
Canada - Large Boxes are an additional $19.99 USD - Priority Mail
Europe & Australia - Only Ship Healthy Boxes for an additional $30 USD
Everywhere else - It will be a minimum of $30 USD Extra

Everything I reviewed I also shared with my boyfriend and we both loved it all!

I was a little bit nervous to try these as I have never had any sort of seaweed in my life, but I was willing to give it a try. When I took them out of the package I was shocked at how cool they looked and it made me want to try them! I loved the Classic Olive flavour! Its crunchy like a chip and almost dissolves in your mouth. Its not slimy or fishy smelling its actually like a super thin chip! They are fun to eat to!

$8.95 + Shipping (Full Size)

Me and my boyfriend love spicy foods and snacks and immediately gravitated to these. These were just absolutely amazing, they had a very distinct chipotle flavour and were very very spicy. Since you have no choice and it gets all over your tongue you cannot avoid the spice so if you're not a person who doesn't like spice, don't get these. If you do like spicy stuff I highly recommend these, my bf has a really high spice tolerance and even he thought they were hot!

Also found a Free Shipping Code from (Whole9Life) 
Get free shipping on your SeaSnax order (
by using the Whole9 code “w9fs” at check-out

$2.35 (1.oz) + Shipping (Snack Size)

I have never really had any dried veggies and I was expecting these to be crunchy like a chip. When I opened the bag you can really smell the tomato and when I tried one, It was like rubber? I'm not a fan of things you have to keep chewing and chewing and chewing and doesn't break down. These tasted really yummy none the less, but they are just hard to eat overall. I have tried putting them in a spaghetti sauce and they were good after a little bit of cooking, I probably would not eat these raw but opt for cooking with them.

Hail Merry Strawberry Macaroons
$5.00 Each pack (Full Size)
$40.00 for 8 pack. Only 8 and 16 packs available on the website.

Since I love macaroons and was just super excited to receive these! I was a little skeptical as I have never really had a flavoured macaroon before nevermind strawberry  They did smell a little funny but they tasted amazing! I wanted to eat them all in one go! Me and my boyfriend couldn't keep our hands off these sweet treats. 
Although if you're looking to buy them from the website they only come in packs of 8 and 16 pouches. 8 pouches costs $40.00 and 16 pouches currently at 30% off is $56.00!

$2.98 (6 oz) + Shipping - Full Size
Shipping to Canada UPS Standard
(1 bag) $19.73 ,(10 bags) $24.93 ...etc by weight

INGREDIENTS: Whole Navy Beans, Whole Grain Long Brown Rice and/or Long Grain White Rice, Pure Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil, Guar Bean Gum, Sea Salt
These chips were amazing, I have always looked a 'bean' chips and thought wow they must taste like beans! When I got the chance to try them in this box I was totally down to try them! I was absolutely amazed at how great they tasted. Like a tortilla chip but BETTER! They are really nice and salty and I can imagine it being paired with ANY dipping sauce you got! This would go good with just about anything!

To purchase them online you can go here BEANiTOS

$2.19 (1.4 oz) Full Size
8 Pack (8 x 1.4oz Bag @ $2.19) = $17.55
Flat rate shipping & handling = $5.95
$17.55 + $5.95 = $23.50

I have been a fan of dried Cranberries and Almonds but Im not a big cherry fan and have always stayed away from dried cherries  Well since I could hardly tell the difference at first glance, I grabbed a bunch and threw them in my mouth. They were amazing. Want to kick up the cranberry almond combo, just add cherries. I never would have thought it would taste as good as it did !

These looked really yummy and unfortunately I did not get many of the orange coloured chips. I'm pretty sure they are all the same flavour as far as I could tell I think they are just died with different veggie colours but no real flavour difference. These were REALLY plain and don't taste too appetizing if you're used to salty chips. These have absolutely no seasoning and kind of made me really thirsty! I can imagine them going really well with some guacamole! 

$2.29 (1.3 oz) (Full Size)

Can only buy on Amazon $20.70 ($1.99 / oz) 8 Pack

You probably know what the fruit to go bars are. I was assuming this bar would taste something like that.... I was completely surprised when I took my first bite.
I got Pear / Strawberry so I expected it to taste like pears and strawberries. It has the same texture as fruit to go except thicker but it did not really taste like pears or strawberries  Mind you it was really yummy I can't really describe the taste its just fruity?

 $1.50 (1.4 oz) Full Size

This bar was really tricky to get out of the wrapper to begin with. It may not look good to eat but it tastes really good! It tastes like a brownie that has nuts in it, its just more dense than a brownie of course cause its a bar. I would love to take this bar on the go or just eat it whenever because the antioxidant orac value is 34.100!

Rawma Bar Sesame Mango
$1.80  (1.7 oz) Full Size

I love those little sesame crackers in honey that you can get in little packs of four at the corner store, I expected something similar but with a mango twist. No no no, not a big fan on this bar, mango and sesame do not mix well on my pallette. 

Mashups Berry
 $1.13 (3 oz) Full Size

I was really excited and thought that this would have a strong berry flavour. Me and my boyfriend both agree it taste like thick Applesauce with a little berry flavour but I wouldn't really name this berry unless all I could taste was berries, but in my case it was just like apple sauce and then theres a hard spout to eat it from and you can never get the last bit out! Overall it was really yummy but not berry.

Overall Thoughts

Overall value if I were to go purchase these products myself is $39.55 
If I were a serious health but I would totally purchase this box every month  but for average people like me its just a nice treat every once in awhile and they also have a gift option. I know alot of people that I dont know what to buy for them, but they like food, this would be the perfect gift!

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