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Hello ladies, I just wanted to apologize for not posting recently but I had all four wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago now and I'm still recovering. I was so not feeling well and I didn't want to put up a shafty post for you. So nows the time! 

I want to also apologize to Pretty & Polished for being so delayed with this review!

Anyways! On with the review!

I was lucky enough to be apart of their blogger program! I am so grateful because this is my FIRST handmade polish and my FIRST thermal/colour changing polish as well! They also were kind enough to send me one of there Bath and Body items! I was sent the Melon Ball Hand and Body Lotion!
I was super duper excited to share this one with all of you so here we go!

This gorgeous polish is called 'Mirror Mirror'

The one on the left is the photo I took, I just wanted to compare because, in my case it looks like theres a TON of glitter and you cannot really see the glitter in their photo on the right.

I just wanted to show how beautiful it looks!

I absolutely fell in love with this polish when I first tried it on, its a blueish / purplish colour changing polish that has round pink glitters and square blue glitters in it.

Did I mention that all Pretty & Polished lacquers are cruelty free

and 3-free (Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene)

The first image here is under hot water to show you the lightest shade that it goes.

The middle image is luke warm water and the last is cold water.

I can even achieve a very cool Ombre look with this polish! This is what happens when you hold a cold drink! Haha, As you can see the lightest colour by the cuticle is from my hands being warm and the tips are blue because of the cold drink I was holding.


I was also sent there Melon Ball hand and Body Lotion to review and let me tell you, when I got it I opened it up and took a big whiff! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent of this lotion, its so... 'Meloney'? It has a sweet and juicy scent to it and theres honestly nothing like it I've ever smelt before!

It is super duper moisturizing yet not greasy! That is a must have when I'm looking for a lotion for my hands, because I just cannot stand having greasy hands and everything I touch gets greasy to!

On the left is what you would get if you were to purchase the lotion. It comes in a 2oz squeeze bottle with a flip cap top, which I love for a lotion! I even love the simple / minimalistic packaging.

The photo on the right is the very generous sample they sent over my way. It came in a little container (big enough to hold a lot of lotion!) and I even love the little container! I cannot stop putting this on my hands because it smells so yummy I just want to eat it! *drools*

If you would like to purchase any of these products or just go check out what other amazing things she has in her shop go to her website, 

Mirror Mirror - $9.00

Melon Ball Hand and Body Lotion - $5.00

Those are some incredible prices for an Indie dont ya think?!

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely loved doing this review and had a lot of fun doing it!

What do you think of thermal /Colour Changing nail polish?

Would you purchase some of your own?!

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